mandag 16. mars 2009

Collage & Stitched Cards

Cupcake card

Collage & stitched card
A couple of weeks ago I participated on a workshop at the Edge Gallery here in Lancaster. The workshop was with artist Priscilla Jones and the theme was "Collage & Stitched Cards and Envelopes". It was really inspiring and fun. We used fabrics and papers, combining the materials in personal collages and then we stitched everything together using sewing machines. I have never used a sewing machine like this before, and though it looked very difficult. But it was easier than it looked, and I'm really happy with the results.

Cupcake card
When playing with colors, I very often find that the light, sweet, pastel colors are the easiest to combine and make nice things with. This annoys me because those are the colors that I absolutely don't use neither for my clothes or the house. Why then do I like to work with them?

Collage & stitched card Collage & stitched card

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garnlykke sa...

Hei igjen
Det var kjempestilige kort! Artig miks av materialer. Kan tenke meg at det er kos å få gjort litt kreativt ved siden av doktorgradsarbeidet;)
Hilsen gry

missnymo sa...

Dette var skikkelig kult! Tror jeg må prøve noe sånt når jeg får meg symaskin :)