fredag 10. oktober 2008

How I learned to crochet

Crochet purse
This purse is the reason why I learned to crochet. I saw it in Norsk Husflid, a norwegian magazine, and thought: I want to make that! I live far away form both my mother and grandmother (my resources for learning traditional crafts), so I borrowed books in the library and searched the Internet for tutorials. This was almost three years ago, and I discovered the online craft community. It was a revelation! My very first resources was Crochet Me, then an online crochet magazine, and the Learn to Crochet tutorial at Lion Brand Yarn. Both websites has changed a lot since I first visited them, but they are still great resources for those new to crocheting both in learning and finding fun and simple patterns. The english tutorials had great figures and instructions, and together with the norwegian books I learned all the terms in both norwegian and english at the same time.

The purse is made in a thick wool yarn with hook size 3,5mm. It is a circle folded in half, about 26cm in diameter. The flowers are embellished with beads in order to break the heavy wool feeling. I was very happy when I finished it, but it is still unused, because the color is really not mine :)

søndag 5. oktober 2008

About me

When I discover a blog I like, I try to find out more about the person who writes it. Who she is (it is most often a she behind the blogs I read), where she is living, how her life is, and so on. Usually this information is easy to find as there often is some kind of “about me” page, or a post introducing the writer. My blog is missing this, and I think that is a bit unfair to those of you stepping by now and then. So here it is, a short introduction.

Maja is watching the neighbourhood

I am a 29 year old woman, living in the far north of Norway in a city called Tromsø. Here the sun never sets in the summer, and never rises in the winter. It is the biggest city in northern Norway with about 60 000 people and 10 000 students.

I am a computer scientist working on a Ph.d in P2P networks. Hopefully I will have my dissertation in 2011. It is hard work, but I love it. I live together with my boyfriend who's also a computer scientist -we met in the computer lab at the university :) Our living room is full of data cables and yarn – to the joy of our cat Maja.

I have been crafting since I was little. I sew my first doll clothes when I was five on an old foot-driven Singer machine. Later I learned to embroider and this has become craft closest to my heart. Sadly, knitting has never been my thing, but a few years ago I learned to crochet, and have now started on my first sweater! I do lots of other crafts as well, but embroidery, crocheting and sewing are my favorites.

This blog is not updated as frequently as I wanted when I started it. This is mostly because my work is taking up much of my time and when I get home I usually just want to relax on the sofa with some craft in my hands. My goal is to write at least 2 posts each month, but only time will tell if I can do that :)

Please leave a comment if you see something you like! And remember to show me your blog, as I love to get inspired by other crafters!

Love Marte