tirsdag 20. november 2007

Practicing my sewing

Small purses
I'm still getting to know my sewing machine and this is what I made last weekend when two of my friends and I had a sewing weekend. I'm so proud of the results :) The clutch is inspired from all the Amy Carol's Artsy clutches I have seen on flickr. I don't have the book, but it's on my christmas wish-list. The pattern for the cosmetic bag with zippers are from queenofdiy's tutorial on craftsters.org. The tutorial is fantastic! Clear pictures and instructions. It didn't take me long to sew, and I think I will make some more as gifts for friends this christmas.
Small purse

lørdag 27. oktober 2007

Small gifts


I made these coasters as birthday presents to two of my friends. They are very easy to make, and I really like the result. Maybe I will make more for christmas presents.

fredag 28. september 2007

Testing new stitches

Playing with stitches 1
Crafty Daisies has a embroidery school which I really reccomend. Her instructions are very easy to follow and the designs she has made for "homeworks" are really cute. I downloaded two of the homeworks and played around with old and new stitches. I sent them in and they showed up on their blog!

I have not tried the split stitch before, but I really liked it. The lines it makes are more smooth and even than lines made with the back stitch. And it is easier to make than the stem stitch. I also enjoyed the feather stitch and the double herring bone stitch. The are so decorative.

Playing with stitches 2

tirsdag 31. juli 2007

Crochet diagram

Crochet samples
Today I have tried out using crochet diagrams. It is so easy! Why haven't I tried this before? I guess none of my revious projects had diagrams.

I made these sample motifs from different diagrams in the latest issue of Crochet today. The issue contains an article on how to use diagrams that was really easy to understand. And all their patterns have diagrams. I think I soon have made a sample of all small motifs in the magazine :)

Here are some close ups:
Crochet flower
A blue flower

Crochet motif
A half circle

Granny square
Small granny square

tirsdag 3. juli 2007

Party purse

Party purse
New purse ready for my cousin's wedding! It's crocheted in a shell pattern with a black cotton and viscose blend yarn, together with a silver thread.

The silver thread was difficult to work with because it was so thin and tangled all the time. Inside I have used the lining for an old jacket. This is my first crochet purse and I'm really happy with it :)

Northern summer at its best

(almost) Midnight sun
This picture is taken at 22:00 from our balcony. Temperature 19C. No wind. In days (and nights) such as these there is no place like Northern Norway! All days of dark winter and bad weather are forgotten :)

søndag 1. juli 2007

Small table cloth in smøyg

Small table cloth in smøyg
As my first post I want to show my current travel-project. It is going to be a small table cloth, but mainly its a swatch in a tecnique called "smøyg". I don't know the english name of it.

I use DMC embroidery floss, 6 strans, on linen. The floss is sewn in such a way that it looks like it is wowen into the fabric.

I will be travelling a lot with train this summer, so hopefully it will be finished during my vaccation.